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The Benefits of Learning to Line Dance

Benefits of learning to line dance

With shows on TV like “Dancing With the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” people are taking up dancing in droves. Line Dancing is no different and apart from the pure enjoyment of it there are many other benefits both physical, mental and social.. [click to continue…]

Thought you might like this Christmas song from Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

Do you think there may be a sequel to Grease in the pipeline? First on morning TV together with their Christmas CD and now this.

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Big Brother Australia Line Dance

On Thursday 6th September 2011 I taught the Big Brother house how to line dance. They had a ball.
Watch the Episode below. The line dancing starts at 18:54 and goes to 25:49 (about 7 minutes long) with just a couple of ads near the end before I announced House one was the winner of the line dance competition.
Just click once on the video below and drag the time bar across to 18:54 and watch.

video removed By Big Brother

This episode aroused a lot of discussion on FaceBook.

Happy Dancing

I have some very exciting news to share. I just posted on Facebook

“Just today I have been asked to choreograph a dance for the Big Brother show. They sent me the music and they will be filming me teaching it on Thurs. Thankfully the dance came together for me, I hope they like it because they will be learning it in the house. I might have to watch it on that night whenever that might be!!:)”

I will update you with the results and hopefully some pictures.


After a few hiccups I eventually taught the Big Brother house how to Line Dance on Thursday 6th September 2012. Watch the video. You don’t need to watch the whole episode I have noted the times that it is showm

Happy Dancing
Liz Collett

Dont forget if you want to learn to line dance our DVDs are available here or click on the menu at the top.

Line Dance Shoes – Dance Sneakers Review

Well I got my new dance sneakers 2 days after ordering, and so I was really keen to give them a work out. First of all I wanted to check them to make sure they were comfortable and the right size.   **UPDATED see post** Read on

I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the many people who voted for me in the Australian Line Dance Awards resulting in me being awarded this beautiful trophy for Australian Instructor of the Year 2011 (tied with well known instructor Tom Glover) at Tamworth.

It is my passion to introduce and assist people to learn and enjoy the benefits of line dancing and I encourage anyone who feels self-conscious or believes they have 2 left feet to give it a go.

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Instructions for Last Beatle Line Dance

Last Beatle - Walk throughLast Beatle is my most recent line dance.  I choreographed it to a great tune When The Last Beatles Gone sung by Tim Buppert – A fantastic tribute to The Beatles.

In the 4 videos below I will teach you the dance, step by step, and then with the music.

  • Video 1 – Learn the dance with a step by step walk through.
  • Video 2 – Now it is time to put the whole routine together with slow music.
  • Video 3 – Follow me as I talk you through the full speed track “When The Last Beatles Gone”.
  • Video 4 – Watch me and 3 of my friends demonstrate how great Last Beatle looks.

Watch the Videos and Learn…

A little news to share with you folks, I will be holding a Country Hoe Down in the coming months.  I will be able to confirm the date very soon, but I am looking at a Sunday in May. From the smiles, ‘wows’ and ‘yeeeee haaaaaas’ I am getting when I mention it, it will certainly be a great success. Read more about Line Dance Events 2012

Last Beatle Line Dance Sheet

I first taught this dance, that I choreographed, to my class in December 2011. I also taught it at the World Line Dance Championships in Florida in January 2012. It is proving very poplular and is very much like by everyone I have taught it to.

Watch the video of “Last Beatle” and my fantastic students the first time I ever taught the dance. It should help you learn the dance.
See the full Dance Sheet and download it Here!

New Line Dance – Last Beatle

Liz Collett’s latest line Dance – “Last Beatle“.

Image of Last Beatle line danceI choreographed this line dance to a Beatles Tribute song called “When The Last Beatles Gone” by Tim Buppert.

The song is a moving testomonial to The Beatles and how they enriched and changed our lives and the legacy they will leave the world. A walk down memory lane for some of us.

I had a great response when I taught the dance to my class in December (see video below) before taking it to Florida USA where I taught it at my workshops at the World Line Dancing Championships in Florida in January. Once again I received fantastic feedback.

Last Beatle is a 2 wall intermediate line dance.
Read more and Watch the Video

You may be a dancer or dance instructor, music teacher or musician; When you slow down music you are attempting to learn, there are some awesome benefits.

Here’s how it works:

Image of Slow Down Music Secrets DJ

When learning a dance number or a piece of music it makes sense to start slow, until perfect (or near to it), and then build up speed until you can perform it confidently at the desired speed. It is often beneficial to go a little quicker than necessary then, when you have to actually perform at the exact speed of the original song, you should find it a snap. Read More – How to Slow Down Music…